Online Accounting
Berley Xero Cloud Based Accounting

We realise that when you are starting out, you'd like to keep an eye on things yourself and may not need our day-to-day attention. Indeed many small companies we work with manage their own day-to-day bookkeeping, payments and invoices and tracking their bank accounts.

There are many different basic accounting and bookkeeping software applications on the market, but none perhaps as intuitive as Xero.

Xero is cloud based. That means it resides on the web and is accessed through a web browser. It's not an application you need to load on to your PC. Rather like logging in to your bank account and checking transactions.

Xero is well featured and goes beyond what many typical bookkeeping packages offer. For instance it does a particularly good job at integrating with your bank accounts and reconciliation, where the software intelligently looks for matches between accounting entries and bank transactions. This helps reduce the time spent on manual tallying.

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