Specialist accountants for creative agencies

Specialist businesses need accountants that understand their type of business, so if you are in the creative industry, Berley is accountants for creative agencies like you.

From the TV commercial that made you laugh to the advertising banner that caught your attention, creative agencies have been helping businesses to market their brands and promote their products.

London has no shortage of creative agencies – some are part of the larger international groups while others are independent agencies providing a wide range of creative services to businesses from various industries. Examples of creative agencies are design studios, advertising agencies, branding agencies, public relations agencies, and talent agencies.

Creative agencies are renowned for their fast pace operations and creativity not just in what they produce, but also in how they operate. Berley Chartered Accountants are similarly highly driven and inspired to find efficient and creative ways to help companies in the creative industry maximise billable hours and reduce the burden of their day-to-day accounting and bookkeeping, as well as looking how they can optimise tax efficiency. Size doesn’t matter either, we are equipped to cope with smaller, even start-up creative agencies or, the larger more established agencies operating in London.

Let’s not forget freelance creative professionals too. Self-employed creative professionals represented 35% of all creative jobs in 2016. As a freelance creative professional, managing your own billings and day-to-day bookkeeping can be a significant drain on your time, effort that would be better spent on ‘billable hours’. As a more ‘entrepreneurially inspired accounting firm, Berley Chartered Accountants are well placed to assist individuals in the creative industry who run their own small company or operate on a freelance contractor basis.

At Berley, our leading chartered accountants provide accountancy know-how to creative agencies and propel your business forward. From accountancy, taxes, audit, business plans to payroll, we’re here by your side and ready to take on extra responsibilities including advice on business funding and media R&D tax credits.

Business services and accountants for creative agencies

  • Assistance with protecting your Intellectual Property.
  • Effective tax planning, including advice on R&D tax relief and other tax breaks.
  • Helping you to manage the essential running of your business, from management accounts to VAT and PAYE, payroll, corporate tax, audit, among others.
  • Providing an easy-to-use cloud-based accounting system that gives you a clear picture of your finances at all time.
  • Advice on business strategy, expansion, and exit plan.
  • Personal tax advice to independent celebrities, entertainers and artists, as well as creative freelancers that you are working with.

Why Berley

We have a strong back to bear a heavy load for you. Find out more about the characteristics of your accountants.

We have a strong back to bear a heavy load for you. Find out more about the characteristics of your accountants. As chartered accountants, we have years of hands-on experience dealing with issues surrounding taxes and accountants for many types of company, including creative agencies. This is why we endeavour to provide quality business advice that is specifically tailored to your needs.

By working with us, you can be sure to receive fast and honest feedback on your business, with support as and when you need it when dealing with your taxes. We can also provide you with detailed and straightforward advice regarding the accounting processes you use for your business. Berley’s advantages at a glance:

  • Fixed monthly fee.
  • Honest answers.
  • No hidden charges.


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