Casually scanning the myriad of small business accountant company websites, you might be forgiven for thinking that accountants are all the same. The sad fact though is, many are.

Accountants though, have a greater responsibility for their clients and shouldn’t sit back content with performing run-of-the-mill functions. This relates to accountants being part of their client’s business support system. Above all else accountants are business advisers.

Lets face it, as an entrepreneur you know you need an small business accountant and bookkeeper in the background taking care of the day-to-day issues with your financial affairs. You’re probably not inclined to want to dwell on that though, choosing to focus on the business at hand: making your ideas work, getting other people to buy in to them and growing your business through innovation.

You need to know you are working with a company that understands your particular entrepreneurial needs and takes care of that for you, but also shares the same passion for your business and innovation as you do and can provide a valuable contribution to helping you achieve success.

What makes Berley so different? Our founders are entrepreneurs; we think differently to most accountants and certainly act differently.

We see ourselves as business advisers that perform an accountancy function. A subtle difference, but an important one when you understand our goal is to appeal to entrepreneurial businesses and their entrepreneur leaders.

Our goal is to set you free; free to focus on the important stuff! We will make sure your financial affairs are kept in check, but also provide advice and guidance based on experience we’ve accumulated over years of working with companies like yours.

Above all, we understand the daily trials and tribulations that entrepreneurs go through and the expectations levied.

To be an entrepreneurial success you need a number of critical qualities:

To successfully support an entrepreneur and their business, we have to share the same qualities! We know, because we went through exactly the same process when we set up Berley.