Business ideas can often seem so simple, rather like a walk in the park, but once you have your business plan laid out and a full appreciation of what it will take to make it real, it can seem like more like a pentathlon.

Think of Berley as ‘long distance accountants’ and its legs as small business growth strategies helping you reach your long term goals.

Working with entrepreneurs often means we are working with them from an early stage and understand they have a long way to go. The very nature of their business means success may be a little more challenging; they may fall at one of the many hurdles they’ll encounter or run out of stamina, having underestimated the duration needed for success to be achieved.

Our job is to help you identify and understand the hurdles, and that sometimes it might be possible to just walk around them. Also, projects that take longer than anticipated sap the strength of everybody involved and represent a drain on financial resources too. Our insights into how other entrepreneurs have avoided these issues and ways to help offset particular expenses they may encounter en-route that drain pockets of much-needed cash can make or break a company’s success.

All this experience from Berley comes in the form of a series of small business growth strategies; strategies designed to avoid short term pitfalls and hurdles and with keeping the long term objectives in mind.

Unlike mature clients where accountants are driven by more normal company cycles and are typically more risk-averse, entrepreneurial companies require a very different attitude. Sure, there are normal company accounting cycles to consider, but startups and specialist companies have more specific requirements. They operate in ‘real-time,’ meaning that they have very little inertia to getting things done and seeing results.

The impact of short term ‘tactical’ business strategies can be quickly tested. Just a few people may prepare a marketing plan in a startup and within days can be measuring the results of it. Unlike large corporations, where such activities may take months to achieve the same thing. The speed at which startups are required to work means that trust in an individual’s judgement to make the right calls becomes a key focus for us.

Successful business coaches need to fully understand and know the athletes in the team they are coaching so as to fully exploit the latent abilities they have. The same’s true for entrepreneur business accountants such as ourselves. We take the time to fully know you and understand your abilities in the business area you’re focused on.

Small business growth strategies are the ‘team tactics’ of business success and Berley is on the touchline helping you go the distance.