Broad Shoulders To Bear A Heavy Responsibility

Entrepreneurs and their accountant shoulder a heavy responsibility, particularly with early investors.

For entrepreneurs startups, the subject of small business risk management isn't likely to be their first thought. Early investors though usually understand the risks when buying in to an idea and the person behind it. However, these ‘angels’ can often be friends and family who have bought in to you because they believe in you or feel an obligation to help. What an enormous responsibility to bear. No wonder the entrepreneurs we work with are so engaged with their projects.

  • Identifying and managing risk
  • Assist in overcoming early business obstacles
  • Your business is more than just a spreadsheet
  • Help you prioritise business strategies
  • Supporting you implement your ideas

As accountants we also shoulder the responsibility with you and pay particular attention to the various risks associated with you business startup. You’re not just numbers on a spreadsheet. There’s a reason why over 90% of start-ups fail; least of which is it was bad idea in the first place. When you work with us we help you focus succeeding where others fail, so you can fulfil the responsibilities you made to those early investors.

Of course, early investors are not the only responsibility entrepreneurs have to carry. You’ll likely have people working closely with you. Some may be investors, others just captivated by your idea and share a similar passion for your goals.

Being an early employee in an entrepreneurial company is not for the faint hearted. It’s a bit of a gamble. Just like an investor, they need to understand and appreciate the business risks. Again, they bought in to you and just maybe the promise of a share in your success.

You’ll not be the first pioneering, adrenaline seeking business opportunist we’ve helped succeed. We take our responsibilities seriously. As specialist accountants, we guide you through the often mountainous terrain of obstacles that cause many a sound business idea to fail. Where there are obstacles, there are often opportunities, such as tax efficient ways to do things and government schemes to take advantage of.

Let Berley worry about the issue like small business risk management and rest your success on a pair of Berley broad shoulders; call us to day to talk through your ideas.