If your air supply fails when you’re scuba diving, the most natural thing to do is panic and head for the surface fast. This, of course, can be disastrous. Sudden pressure change kills. Remaining calm and signalling your diving buddy to share their air can save your life.

In similar business crisis management situations, entrepreneurs can face similar seemingly ‘life or death pressure moments’ where the business hangs in the balance, often out of the blue and catching them when most vulnerable. It may be triggered by an investor’s sudden change of heart and consequential loss of critical funding, an early marketing campaign that backfires or an oversight in the financial assumptions. It can be tempting to panic and make spur of the moment decisions that can equally spell disaster; like taking up the offer of another, perhaps unqualified investor out of desperation. You might not get the bends, but you may be creating a situation a little further down the road where the pain that bad decision caused is equally as life-threatening.

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Any experienced diver will tell you that you shouldn’t dive alone. It’s similar in business, where experience teaches that you can’t, and shouldn’t, do everything yourself. It pays to have somebody looking over your shoulder at important points in the business’s growth or to talk through your planning and assumptions with.

It’s critical at times like this to have a cool head and remain calm under pressure, knowing when to rely on your business crisis buddy, Berley. It takes just a few minutes to talk through the problem with us.

We don’t just have a wealth of experience, we also have a wealth of contacts and can likely direct you to resources that may be able to directly help with your business problem. We’ll happily share our experience and contacts, helping you surface safely.

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