Taking criticism from others is all in a day’s work for an entrepreneurial spirited businessman.

Self-doubt in business though is something altogether different, especially if others begin to lose faith in your ideas. This is where true entrepreneurs shine; their heartfelt resolve and sheer passion to succeed gives courage to those around them. A little motivational assistance from a business mentor doesn’t go amiss from time to time either

It’s characteristics like these that make them leaders and inspires others to achieve what they never thought possible.

We are all human though, and all have moments when doubt creeps into the rationale behind our supposed winning ideas. There are many reasons, it just happens. One example is when a client we’re working with, providing a little mentoring too, shares concerns that competitors are popping up with greater frequency than anticipated and maybe it’s not such a niche market opportunity as first thought. We help them see that very few businesses face truly greenfield opportunities and coach them over this into identifying what truly makes their business stand out and to focus on that.

An oversimplified example perhaps, but one that underlines the reason why many business ideas never even get off the ground; the idea’s originator, doesn’t have the resolve, the passion or the courage to make it succeed. Original ideas aren’t rare, but what makes them succeed, in spite of what a market might look like or what others tell you is possible or not, is what you do, now!

Just look at the examples of people that were essentially written off by their peers, potential employers and industry before becoming successful:

  • Steve Jobs: Fired from the company he started, refused to give in to a world dominated by MS-DOS, believed in quality and innovation in spite of markets driving towards lower prices.
  • JK Rowling: A divorced, single mother having a tough time on welfare trying to write her first novel, Harry Potter.
  • Steven Spielberg: Was rejected from film school three times, eventually attended, but dropped out to become a director.
  • The Beatles: Dropped by Decca and told that they had no future on show business.
  • Steven King: “Carrie” was rejected 30 times.
  • Elvis: Fired after his first performance.

Every one of these people and many more share the same qualities as you, and us – you believe passionately in what you do and the success you will have, no matter how crazy other say you are; you have the resolve and heartfelt courage to pull it off.

As a business mentor, we share the same motivations and passions and can help drive you to success.