Your vision of success is strong, but the road to success is paved with unforeseen problems and potential opportunities; sharp eyes can spot these early.

As entrepreneurial business accountants we don’t claim to be able to see through lead and certainly don’t rely on a crystal ball, but we do have a wealth of experience covering a range of industries. This helps us spot both issues and opportunities that may impact your aspiring new venture and may largely be invisible to you.

HMRC are constantly ‘tinkering’ with their policies and procedures and of course along with the chancellor makes periodic changes to business tax, VAT and PAYE responsibilities. These can be both advantageous or require some additional planning to mitigate any undesirable impact. Berley excel at spotting these issues and opportunities.

Berley’s sharp business eyesight benefits include:

  • Spot opportunities you haven’t seen
  • Watch out for early mistakes
  • We share your vision
  • Experienced eyes looking out for you
  • Beneficial changes in regulations
  • Not just your business, your family too

As an entrepreneur, you may have been around the block a few times and see what we see, in which case we are there to back you up and highlight any changes to tax schemes or specific processes that may be beneficial to your venture.

If this is your first entrepreneurial venture, you may be looking for all the help you can get. In this case, we are there to guide you and show you what to look out for; how to avoid some of those ‘rookie’ mistakes and take advantage of beneficial tax schemes or even grants available to you.

Of course, sharp eyesight for new opportunities is one thing; having your ear to the ground is another entirely. We are often engaged by companies looking to either wind up companies or help them avoid insolvency. We often hear of them too. More experienced entrepreneurs may see opportunity in another company’s demise. We always have a sharp eye out for our clients and a sensitive ear to the ground!

Often you’ll find yourself running fast with your thinking consumed with your business. Stop and think why you’re doing this and who else benefits in the long run – your family. It’s important to consider that side too, especially if anything were to happen to you. That’s why we are here. We watch out for the personal side of your business, for instance, for when’s the best time for you to consider trust funds and inheritance planning as part of your overall tax planning strategy.

Let the sharp eyes of Berley’s specialist accountants keep watch over your new business venture and your personal interests too.