Let’s face it, where innovative business ideas are concerned, not everybody is going to believe in you; it’s just the way it is.

No matter if you’re starting out or well established, what appear great ideas often don’t get the reaction you expect, especially if somebody’s job’s on the line. So be prepared to accept a few knockbacks, it goes with the territory.

It happened to us! When we left our ‘comfortable,’ well-paid jobs to set up Berley with the goal of helping entrepreneurs, people thought we were crazy too. The idea of essentially pairing our success to clients with new and potentially risky business ventures met with a fair amount of criticism from those around us; those seemingly happy with the status quo in more traditional accountancy firms. That type of ‘traditional’ work isn’t what we were about, it certainly wasn’t what we wanted to do and we know that’s not what you’re about either.

  • Exploring innovative business ideas
  • Creative company structuring
  • Constantly challenging conventional wisdom
  • Not afraid to take some risks
  • Excel working within new industries
  • Helping bring out the best in your company

Having a true entrepreneur at the helm of a small business or startup company is often what makes the real difference between those that make it to success and those that don’t achieve their business goals. True entrepreneurs are a fountain of innovative business ideas that continually breath fresh air through the company, inspiring employees and generating new lines of business. And, of course, they’re not afraid of suggesting new ideas and criticism that may fall out from that.

Working with entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses demand a level of creative thinking you just don’t find in regular accountancy firms. More importantly, it requires accounting practitioners with a ‘kindred spirit;’ specialists, empathetically linked to the passions and beliefs that motivate and inspire today’s entrepreneurial business leaders.

The fast pace of change in business and technology means that the ground we stand on in terms of what we thought possible is constantly being transformed and advanced. This gives rise to ideas that many people simply can’t comprehend. Just look at how much the internet has transformed our day-to-day business. For many people, it just too much to take in. It’s no wonder new ideas can seem so ‘different’ and potentially risky. For those that do understand the impact of new technologies and ways of doing business, it’s far riskier NOT to do something, than to sit back and just do what they’ve always done.

As small business accountants Berley understands entrepreneurs, what motivates them and what inspires them because it’s what makes us tick too. We are more than happy to take a few on the chin when we find entrepreneurial clients with great ideas that need a little nurturing. We like nothing more than to throw a few innovative business ideas as ‘curve balls’ into the mix to stir up the strategic thinking!