Over the many years since we started in 1985, we’ve been involved with a lot of different businesses and have made a significant contribution to most. Here are some of the comments we have received back from a selection of our clients:


Marketing & Advertising

Berley have been outstanding from the very first day that I walked into their office. Having been a senior director of a marketing agency, I had never run my own business before and whilst I knew I had entrepreneurial skills, I had no idea of all the compliance and tax issues I had to deal with. Repeatedly, Mark and his team went the extra mile to ensure that everything was covered and made me feel extremely comfortable, enabling me to do what I do best and get on with my business. He is extremely responsive and ensures that all my questions are thoroughly answered but most importantly, in a way that I can understand without any accounting jargon. Apart from being very trustworthy and reliable, I was impressed by the professionalism from the receptionist upwards. I would highly recommend Mark and his team to anyone that is considering starting their own business. The secret of getting ahead is getting started and getting started with the right people.

Steve P, Managing Director, Marketing Agency, London


Import Export Business

For a businessman, a good accountant should make your life easier and certainly not harder. Your accountant should be a quasi-partner to your business and probably your most trusted adviser. When running a business you are too focused on making things work from day to day. A good accountant should be able to give you objective advice in areas where you can’t see the wood from the trees. Jeremy certainly has the ability to look outside the box and helped make my business life far more simple. When I have a problem he is the first port of call. He understands the entrepreneurial point of view. With regard to fees, these are always agreed in advance so I know exactly what I am paying for. I am a true believer in you get what you pay for. I used to begrudge paying professional fees, but I don’t begrudge paying Berley because I believe I get good value for money.

Peter E, Director, Import Export Business, London


Event Management Company

We came across Berley following a recommendation from one of their clients, having been unsatisfied with two previous firms of accountants. Berley is so different from what we have experienced before. They do all the things you would expect an accounting firm to do from a compliance point of view and then they go out of their way to make sure they are doing the very best for you. They understood the problems we had on a day to day basis as business people and have become an integral part of our business. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants high-level service, rapid response and agreeable fee structure.

Sarah H, Financial Director, Event Management Company, Kent


Independent Financial Consultant

I have been in the financial service business for over 20 years and it very common for me to refer my clients to a firm of chartered accountants. Simply put, Berley is one of the best firms I have come across. Their knowledge and understanding from a technical and a business point of view is first rate. From a personal perspective, the whole team is switched on. When making a referral, quality, integrity, ethics and diligence are just some of the characteristics that can accurately describe Berley, who like with my own business,  genuinely care about their clients and their clients’ wellbeing. Sometimes it’s easier not to refer a professional in case it backfires on you, however, I have never had a client I have referred to Berley say anything other than how grateful they were for the recommendation.

Andrew F, Independent Financial Consultant, Surrey



Berley is not only a great accounting firm but also great business advisers. They have helped us take advantage of many opportunities that we would not be aware of and avoid all the pitfalls we could have fallen into. They have a highly motivated team who understand the concept of managing their clients’ expectations.

Sebastian R, Restaurateur, London


Serial Entrepreneur

Mark has been my personal accountant for many years and has been an auditor and tax adviser to various companies that I have been involved with. Together with his team, they have the ability to simplify what appears to be a complex web of compliance and regulations enabling me to ensure my business operates not only in a profitable way but in a tax efficient manner. I believe Mark’s integrity and concern to do the right thing is beyond reproach which is why I have no hesitation of recommending Berley to other entrepreneurs as he understands their point of view.

Jonathan W, Entrepreneur, Manchester


Property Investment Company

In my experience, the service provided by Jeremy’s team at Berley can only be regarded as highly skilled and professional. Having started their own practice nearly 30 years ago they really do understand what it takes to run a business. The partners at Berley are business people as well as professionals. A number of businesses suffer the traditional problem of a relationship with an accountant or lawyer in respect to fees, where these can be of an unknown quantity and that can tarnish a relationship. Working with Berley we know exactly what we are paying before they undertake the work and they guarantee us that they will not bill for anything that has not been agreed in advance. That takes away all the animosity that can arise over fee discussions and therefore I know I can call them as many times as I like without getting an additional fee in the post.  Jeremy is one of those people that nothing is too much trouble for. I use him to bounce various ideas of both personal and business and as an entrepreneur, it is nice to know that I have someone I can rely upon that can not only be objective but has a great wealth of knowledge. I don’t look upon Berley as a cost I look upon them as a resource.

James T, Owner, Property Investment Company, London


Senior Medical Consultant

Having had the same accountant for 25 years, he retired. I then put my accounting and tax work out to tender. It was difficult to choose from the beauty parade and I inevitably made the bad decision choosing one of the lower quotes. No sooner had we completed 12 months with the new firm, I knew I had made the wrong choice. A recommendation from a close friend who I highly regard as a successful businessman introduced me to Berley. They may not be the cheapest in the marketplace but they certainly are the best value for money. They have the ability to manage my expectations at a very high level of professionalism. Through sound tax planning and good business advice, they have helped me move my business to a different level than I had originally thought of and would have no hesitation in recommending them.

Dr Allen R, Harley Street, London