Head of Tax

  • Email: jan.lockley@berley.co.uk
  • Tel: 020 7788 8261
  • Fax: 020 7636 4115


Jan is a ‘Private Client Tax’ expert, applying her many years of tax experience at a personal level. Her focus in on private individuals, their families and trusts.

Jan also applies her expert skills to the challenges faced by the self-employed, partnerships and smaller companies. Many of the issues she assists with and advises on arise out of of the unique entrepreneurial circumstances our clients create.

Core Skills:

Her core skills centre on: tax planning, capital gains tax and inheritance tax matters.  Together these skills allow Jan to advise on a broad range of tax issues. She’s also developed an expertise in assisting non-domiciled individuals with their tax affairs.


Tax can be a tough subject to understand. It’s also very hard to explain to clients sometimes. Jan overcomes this problem through her own inimitable style, in her own words:
“I draw a lot of diagrams in my client meetings. I find this helps to explain how quite difficult technical aspects of the legislation applies to a real life situation.”


Her experience in taxation began in 1974 when she joined the Inland Revenue. She then went on to work as a manager and Partner at city firm, Winters (later Target), where she specialised in taxation.

Jan’s Heroine Qualities:

Sharp-EyesightSharp Eyesight: Jan’s intense focus on your individual taxation situation means she will spot opportunities to reduce your tax burden as your circumstances change. She’ll also keep an eye out on changes made by the revenue that may affect your affairs and provide advice on meeting those challenges or benefiting from the opportunities that may be created.
cool-headCool Head: Life has a habit of throwing us ‘curve balls’ particularly where our own financial matters are concerned. Often situations arise out of the blue, particularly unexpected family events that have a serious financial impact – both happy and sad. You can rely on Jan to provide a cool headed perspective to the situation and provide some sound advice and guidance.
Firm Grip: We all like to think we have a firm grip on our finances. From time to time though we need help, particularly where HMRC is concerned. When personal taxation circumstances are challenged by HMRC, you need somebody that really can get and maintain a firm grip on the situation; that would be Jan.
resolute-heartResolute Heart: Besides being one of Berley’s Heroines, Jan is human too! She has family that faces the same challenges as many of our clients. She understands the impact tax issues can have on a family as well as individuals, particularly entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are very driven and determined individuals, this often challenges their immediate family. Jan understands this, but most importantly, she believes in you and can help strike that all important balance between managing your personal and business affairs.

Fun Side:

Jan’s an avid international rugby fan; a valuable asset when tackling issues HMRC throws at her clients. She loves Formula 1 Racing and when not following those major sporting events you can find her pottering in her garden or at the theatre.