Berley Small Business Accountants London

We don’t just work with larger companies. Based in London, Berley is also a small business accountant that champion the needs of the entrepreneur. As a small business or maybe an entrepreneurial startup business, you face challenges that more established businesses do not.

The first is finding an accountant that actually understands you. The second is finding an accountant that wants to work with you, one you’re going to be happy with too!

From an established accounting firm’s perspective, although potentially lucrative, start ups and entrepreneurial business owners with a, lets say ‘creative flair,’ are a little more risky. Traditional accountants, as you may be familiar with, are not risk seeking junkies. For them, there are safer clients out there to work with.

Why Work With Us
  • Chartered Status
  • Been around for nearly 30 years
  • We share your values and passion
  • Small enough to care
  • Big enough to handle complex tax cases
  • Will take the rough with the smooth
  • We give great business advice
  • Responsive

Creativity and Passion Balanced with Industry Admired Professionalism

This is not to say the at Berley we take on any small business startup up or embrace every wide eyed and excited entrepreneur claiming to have the next greatest web based application or mass market kids toy. What we do promise is to hear you out and take you seriously. If we agree to work with you, you can be assured that we are going to take a very serious role in advising you and helping you take advantage of the opportunities and tax schemes that may be open to you.

We’ve been down this track many times and know what it takes to get small businesses and startups that are a little ‘different’ on the path to success.

You are going to have to put your trust in us too, even when we come up with some of our own ideas and business advice that may appear as crazy to you as you may have seemed to other more traditional accounting firms. We’ve got a strong jaw to take criticism on the chin with the guts and resolve to see things through with you.

Call Berley Today on 020 7636 9094 and talk through your Small Business Accounting needs with one of our team members

What Makes Berley A Firm Of Great Small Business Accountants?

There are many qualities that go to make up an accountant, but as a small business owner or an entrepreneur just starting out, there are some particular qualities you ought to look out for, whether you work with us or somebody else.

CHARTERED STATUS: The first thing is we are Chartered Accountants qualified through the Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW). This means that we are held accountable for our actions; that means protection for you.
SMALL ENOUGH TO CARE: We are small enough to care about you and build a personal relationship with you, but big enough to have the broad experience and sound business advice your business needs to be really successful. We’ve seen many startup businesses through tough beginnings; that accounting and business experience is there for you too.
WITH YOU ALL THE WAY: We are happy to be with you through think and thin; we’re not going to bolt just because we are not making the fee’s other accountants are.
FULL OF CHARACTER: We hope you’ll find our character, that of our company and the individuals in it, are a match with you – spirited and entrepreneurial. We are going to have to get along and trust each other for this to work.
RESPONSIVE TO YOUR NEEDS: We are responsive, not the kind of small business accountants that only wants to see you once a year to sort out your tax return and annual accounts. Just call us and find out.
SERIOUS TAX CLOUT: Larger firms will often suggest that small business accountants, particularly smaller accounting firms, don’t have the clout when it comes to serious tax issues – try telling that to Jan, our Head of Tax. Jan’s not only worked for HMRC but also some of the ‘big firms’ in the city. So if you face a tax investigation or dispute with HMRC, we are going to be standing right by your side. We also have great contacts we can call on too if the need arises.

An Established London Small Business Accounting Firm

It’s not like Berley is new at this. There are many London small business accounting firms around, but we’ve been helping small businesses, startups and their entrepreneurial owners for close to 30 years – so we must be doing something right! We may have even assisted companies very similar to yours achieve success.

We have the whole package, and that’s usually how our clients benefit the most as we are able to provide well-rounded business advice. We also get a better view of your overall business and financial affairs which in turn makes our recommendations and business advice more focused and effective. But feel free to talk to us about using individual services we offer such as bookkeeping, online accounting and tax services.

Why not call us on 020 7636 9094 to arrange a first, no-obligation, meeting. That way we can both get to know each other and your needs for a London firm of small business accountants a little better.