Online accounting is fast becoming a necessity for small businesses across the UK, never more so than here in London.

Most entrepreneurs nowadays are tech-savvy and prefer to have everything just the way they like it. Keeping track of payments, invoices, bank accounts, general day-to-day bookkeeping – many of the small businesses and contractors we work with opt to manage the bookkeeping function themselves. The difference is they use online accounting for an affordable monthly fee. And whenever they have a question, we’re on hand with an answer.

Online accounting

With the advance of the government’s Making Tax Digital scheme, by 2019 many businesses will be mandated to keep digital records and provide quarterly updates to the HMRC for VAT. Fortunately, online accounting programmes like Xero put you one step ahead. Most of these programmes have an intuitive interface helping you to keep records of payment, invoices, inventories, tax changes and standing orders, among others. In short, every single penny moving through your business is condensed into one place for you to digest at your convenience. They’re also cloud-based, meaning the data are stored online and once they are in the system you can’t misplace them, which will come as a relief to some.

Main benefits of online accounting

  • Real-time reports
  • Online hosting
  • Safe storage
  • Automatic back-ups
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Multi-user access
  • Accessible worldwide
  • Technical support

Xero’s Silver Partner – Berley Chartered Accountants

At Berley, our team of chartered accountants recommends Xero because they are one of the biggest online accounting software companies around, and we are also a Silver Champion Partner to them, meaning we have access to the Xero advisor directory, alongside expert assistance with conversions from spreadsheets and paper to online accounting. These perks (along with others) are freely shared with our clients; working with us is a quick way to get the most out of your online accounting software.

Talk to Berley about Xero today

Transitioning to a new online accounting software may be difficult, and with the Making Tax Digital deadline fast approaching, it can be a stressful time to organise your books. But don’t worry, because we’re here working with you. Our chartered accountants are ready to help you start using Xero and assist with any accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

Call Berley today on 020 7636 9094 to find out more about Xero, the popular cloud-based online accounting and how you can benefit from working with us.

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