Audit News

Company audit exemptions

Within the UK there are certain audit and reporting regulations to adhere to if you run a business in line with UK law. The government feels that these audit regulations provide confidence in the market by clearly demonstrating the corporate framework. There are two types of audit: statutory audit and non-statutory audit. A statutory audit, […]

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Cash is king?

Here is a scenario familiar to many entrepreneurs – the sales are booming and the business is growing rapidly, but suddenly, when asked for payment by a creditor, you realise that you simply don’t have any cash. What has gone wrong? This is the result of a cash flow gap, one of the most common […]

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Is my SME exempt from a statutory audit?

Some companies in the UK are required to undergo an annual statutory audit, but depending on their turnover, size and the nature of their activities, many businesses can be exempt. If you’re a business owner who’s unsure about whether or not you need an audit, or how to go about claiming an exemption, as small […]

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