Are You Ready To Grow Your Business?

As an entrepreneur, you tend to think outside the box and can spot new opportunities arising from market penetration to business expansion. It isn’t just a gut instinct – you can see clear indicators that your company is growing organically, your cash flow is strong, the demands for your products and services are rising, all positive signs that business growth is within your grasp.

If you manage this well, your profits will increase thereby putting you in an even stronger position. You have the answer, and at Berley, our business growth consultants are about to challenge you. With a solid track record in helping SMEs across London growing their businesses, our aim is to help you analyse your current business operations, identify any areas that are underused and/or overused and determine the best possible outcomes. Our questions are tough, designed to get to the bottom of any issues, thereby proving useful in your business growth plan.


Assess your business growth ambitions

As growth consultants, Berley Chartered Accountants knows a thing or two about scaling small businesses. We’ve seen many business owners rush into business growth without much reflection, causing them headaches down the line. Be diligent, use solid data, set benchmarks, have an honest discussion with us to access your options for business growth – chances are, you will come up a champion.

For a start, it may be worth asking yourself these questions:

  • What are your goals?

    This is a vision of what you want your business to be at some point in the future, and what it means to you. Some look to expand the operations overseas in an x number of years while others may look to build up a strong clientele before selling it off for a great sum of money. Ultimately the business must provide financial security to sustain you and your family.

  • Do you have the time and energy to pursue growth?

    If your goal is to build a business which you can easily scale up and expand, you know the path to achieve it is hard work. As sheer passion alone won’t cut it, take time to consider the resources available – financial, emotional, time, energy and commitment. As an entrepreneur, you need to be in a place in your life where you have all the necessary support and resources to help you.

  • Is your team on board with your vision for growth?

    Being a leader often means you need to get everyone in sync, particularly when you’re gearing up to grow. Business growth may cause a shift in your company culture, therefore it’s imperative that you lead your team to work together and meet any changes with great flexibility.

  • Do you have a plan B?

    Having a backup plan is not defeatist, it’s realistic. Business is organic and fluid. The state of any economy may change, business arrangements may revise responding to market conditions and people may come and go, but if your plans include different scenarios and you know what other options to take, you’re already one step ahead than your competitors. Have you talked to experts? Have an honest discussion with a business growth expert. At Berley, we are small business growth advisors with many years of proven working experience helping SMEs across London to thrive and grow, we can help you to fine-tune your business growth plans.

Taking things to the next level

You have what it takes to tackle the opportunities and challenges of business growth. With the right business advice from the very beginning, you can be certain that your business growth strategies are as robust as your ambitions.

Berley has a wealth of experience as business growth specialists. We’ve assisted a wide variety of small-business clients in their business’s growing pains, helping them avoid common pitfalls and taking advantage of the experience of others.

We’re advisors for small businesses – so call us today on 020 7636 9094 if you’re ready to grow your business with our help.