How can Berley’s probate service help you?
Contributed by: Berley

Probate is the first step in the legal process of administering a will and distributing the deceased’s assets correctly.

It involves a complex and rather time consuming analysis of financial affairs, which has the potential to add to your stress during this personal time of need. Dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy, and Berley endeavours to ensure that you are supported throughout all your probate needs. We aim to help make life a little easier for you as you go through this difficult time.

Using an accountant to help with probate

Probate services were once only offered by solicitors until a recent law was passed to allow accountants to also deal with probate. This provides a fast and more targeted service for you because we can deal with all the financial aspects in a professional and personal way.

In addition to providing a quick probate service, Berley can also save you money. By coming to an accountant directly, rather than hiring a solicitor first, you are essentially cutting out the middleman. During the probate process, solicitors will need to contact an accountant to manage the finances. But by contacting Berley directly, you can guarantee that you will receive an excellent and client specific service from the very beginning.

We also work on a clear fee structure that is agreed with you in advance. Solicitors and banks customarily charge a percentage of the assets laid out by the will, whereas we, at Berley, charge on a time basis. This ensures that you maintain a majority of the assets that you are entitled to via your loved one’s will just by paying us for the time we put into your probate matters.

Our probate service

At Berley, managing the financial responsibilities of our clients is always a personal affair. We always strive to support you as we realise that dealing with the death of a loved one is never easy. By helping you with probate, we can alleviate some of the stress, allowing you to focus your time on other matters such as funeral arrangements.

As part of our comprehensive service, we will help you accumulate all the necessary information regarding assets and liabilities of your loved one. We will also assist with the preparation of personal tax returns, and deal with any inheritance tax that may need to be paid before the probate can be issued. In addition, we will ensure that all assets are distributed correctly, as per the deceased’s will.

Talk to us

It is important to us that you feel supported during this difficult time. Berley has had much experience with managing financial affairs, and you can trust us to approach your probate requirements in a sensitive and efficient way.

For more information on how Berley can help you, call our probate team on 020 7636 9094.