Embrace the artisan entrepreneur spirit
Contributed by: Berley

As consumers, we are becoming more aware of our food. We pay attention to the farming practices, take notice of where the meats come from, and in turn, we may favour artisanal and craft products – think artisan cheese, craft beer, and specialty coffee.

Across London, many young entrepreneurs are taking risks and becoming artisan producers – from selling gourmet marshmallows, baking specialty cupcakes, brewing full-bodied craft beer, to roasting coffee beans. The list is endless.

When talking to these artisan entrepreneurs, we can see a few common characteristics that set these men and women apart: they are deeply passionate about what they do, brave to experiment with unconventional ingredients, and willing to invest time to make their project successful. Like us, they are driven to make their own impact. Perhaps it’s because we share many common traits with them, many of the entrepreneurs across London choose us as their trusted accountants.

Getting new customers

One thing is certain – regardless how good or unique your products are, if you don’t market them, nobody knows about them. So here are a few tips for artisan entrepreneurs to consider.

1. Don’t rely on social media alone

Social media is a great platform, but if it doesn’t generate enough sales for you, perhaps it is time to take a step further and consider online advertising (pay-per-click) or email marketing.

2. Partner for success

Team up with other artisan entrepreneurs. For example, if you roast your own coffee beans, consider working with a gourmet bakers and jointly promoting your products together. This approach saves costs, and allows you both to stretch your marketing budget further.

3. Have a plan

Acquiring new customers takes time and effort, so how you sustain your business (and passion) relies on your cash flow. This is where Berley can help. We can look at your numbers, work with you to develop a sound financial plan and keep your cash flow positive.

4. Attend craft fairs

This way you can display your artisan craft for everyone to see, fellow entrepreneurs and potential customers alike. Remember, the new generation of customers like to have a connection with who they buy from and events like these are a great way to network and show the personality of your business.

At Berley, we can also help with business funding solutions – we can provide details on government schemes and grants, as well as help you to put a sound corporate and legal framework in place to accompany your application for loan, or equity capital. Our interest is to protect your interest – this is why you will see that we always seek to understand your unique circumstance first.

Call us on 020 7636 9094 today. We’d be happy to discuss your business ideas, your cash flow situations, as well as funding options with you in detail.