Five Business Growth Boosting Apps for Entrepreneurs
Contributed by: Berley

It’s no secret that in the 21st century the right technology platform can do wonders for business efficiency.

Just imagine, while you’re reading these lines, creative startups are building new apps, established tech giants are optimising trusted tools, and Google is pushing AI research like never before.

So, if a digital tool is giving you headaches, chances are there’s a better alternative out there for what you need – topped with cool features you didn’t even realise you wanted. And, as it’s getting increasingly harder to navigate the sea of available tools out there, we’ve put together a list of five useful apps to boost your productivity in 2018:

1. Trello – for project management

Behind every successful business stands a dedicated team. They’re rarely standing still though so teamwork can get pretty difficult to manage. Trello is great for team collaboration. The tool lets your team create boards, lists and cards to visually organise and prioritise projects. You’ll be able to keep track of your team’s workflow at a glance, add checklists and labels and have easy access to them across your devices. The free version is generally enough for small businesses, but for a pocket-friendly monthly fee, you can upgrade to a Business Class version that lets you integrate it with your existing business apps like Evernote.

2. Box – for file sharing

A cloud storage solution like Dropbox, Box was developed first and foremost with businesses in mind. It’s a simple and secure way to share files and collaborate on documents with your colleagues, customers and partners in real-time from anywhere and on any device.

3. Rescuetime – for time management

Rescuetime, says what the name promises. Running unnoticed in the background, it tracks the time you spend on various apps, tools and websites throughout your day, giving you reports based on your activity so you know exactly where the day went. That’s not all though. You can set alerts to notify you if you’ve spent too much time on a task, block distracting websites, and give you time measurements whenever you want it.

4. Square – for payments

If your business is in the hospitality sector, Square might just be the app for you. It works with a pocket-sized card reader connecting wirelessly to your devices. Accepting chip and PIN cards, as well as contactless payment methods, once the customer uses the reader to make a purchase, you’ll be able to track payments, invoices, inventory and receipts through the app. Very handy.

5. Xero – for accounting

Xero promises to change your life, but let’s stop you mid-eye-roll to say that that’s no understatement. Secure and reliable, this cloud accounting software will let you manage payroll, bills and expenses, create recurring invoices and accelerate your invoicing while tracking sales and purchases. The best bit is that it lets you go mobile so you can manage your business on the road.

Over to you and Berley

While digital tools can help boost productivity, as small business growth specialists, Berley knows that business growth requires more than installing a couple of apps. It takes hard work and dedication, demands a solid business strategy and continuous optimisation.

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