How can your tech startup succeed?
Contributed by: Berley

Having a technology-based company has its own challenges. In this era of technology, competition between businesses has never been more difficult.

Starting up your own company is only half the battle, and ensuring that your business lives on and is successful can be tough. Luckily though, Berley can help you with ensuring that your dreams remain a reality by offering accounting assistance tailored to your specific needs as a company branching out into the world of technology.


Berley can help maintain the success of your technology start-up. Our accountants will offer expert advice when it comes to dealing with taxes and the finances of your business, especially in respects to the small changes within tax laws and VAT payments. Above all, Berley can give you a range of comprehensive tax advice ranging from the personal to the international, which will allow you to make the best decisions in regards to taking your business forward in this economic climate.

Patents and copyright

As a tech company, dealing with patents is a reality. Having a good understanding of the laws behind patents, and the ways in which one could affect your company, is very important. Additionally, the copyright laws related to your technology start-up are also crucial to think about. In order to progress within the technological field, it is necessary that an understanding of copyright laws, and the potential application of them, is employed in the best possible way. Berley are experts in dealing with specialist issues, such as those caused by patents and copyright laws, so we can assist you in applying for and following up on such aspects of your company.

Grants and funding

As a young entrepreneur, having a grant, or some funding, could help you to develop your business further and allow you to continue striving for success. There are many funding opportunities available to tech start-up companies. Grants, such as those offered by the UK government, can be a great asset to your company. Berley will work with you and your tech company to look into what types of funding options are available to you, thereby taking some of the stress out of your business plan and leaving time for the more important stuff.

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