Insolvency Practitioner

Our licensed insolvency practitioners have the skills and experience to assist small business owners with restructuring, turnaround and liquidation, as well as helping individuals with personal insolvency.

Solutions for directors of an insolvent company

When your company does not have enough cash to meet its financial obligations, pressure from creditors can mount up quickly and leaving small business owners feeling trapped. But you can take control of the situation by seeking help from a licensed insolvency practitioner as early as possible. Doing so will prevent further business loss and increase the likelihood of the company surviving.

An anxious businessman. A concept shot of insolvency.Over 10,000 companies in England and Wales experience insolvency every year

Small business owners are keenly aware of the changing business landscapes and consumer behaviours we face today. Factors like new threats from competitors, weak economic conditions and changes in government policies can also have an impact on businesses. While over 10,000 companies in England and Wales facing insolvency every year, not every one of them ends up in administration or liquidation.

The moment you realise that your business is in distress, it is vital that you take immediate actions to reverse the situations. Part of the to-do list is to discuss your circumstances with a qualified insolvency practitioner like our team at Berley. Allow us to conduct a solvency review of your company and discuss available options with you. Our focus is on you and your company’s future, particularly how your company can be rescued and how your investments can be protected.

Once you are aware of your options, you can make informed decisions accordingly, which may include:

  • Refinancing
  • Restructuring
  • Obtaining additional equity funding
  • Changing your company’s activities
  • Reaching an agreement with your creditors
  • Selling off the company
  • Placing the company into administration
  • Liquidation, if all options are exhausted

Call our licensed insolvency practitioners on 020 7636 9094 for a FREE consultation. You can also visit the Corporate Insolvency Service page for more information.

Solutions for individuals facing insolvency

When letters of demand from creditors and debt collectors start to pile up, time is of the essence when looking for an effective debt relief solution. Call one of our insolvency practitioners to understand your options and stop things spiralling out of control.

Over 100,000 individuals in England and Wales face insolvency and many of them choose Individual Voluntary Agreements (IVAs) as opposed to bankruptcy. To understand both options, as well as other debt management plans, call our qualified insolvency practitioners on 020 7636 9094 for a FREE consultation. You can also visit the Personal Insolvency page for more information.

Solutions for creditors wanting to recover their money

If a company or an individual owes you money because you have provided goods or services, or if you have loaned money to them, you are a creditor. When they become insolvent, they will send you letters to inform you so. Consequently, you will need to lodge proof of debt, attend all meetings and negotiate for a better outcome.

Talk to one of our experienced insolvency practitioners by calling 020 7636 9094 for a FREE consultation. You can also visit the Insolvency Creditor Services page for more information.

When do you need an insolvency practitioner?

Business people having a conversation

  • When your company is struggling to meet its financial obligations
  • When you want to make formal repayment agreements with your creditors
  • When you want to protect your company from pressure and legal actions from creditors
  • When you and your shareholders decide liquidation is the best option
  • When you are struggling with personal debts
  • When you are owed money by insolvent companies or individuals

Berley’s insolvency practitioners are here to help

Insolvency isn’t the end of the world, even though it can seem like it at the time. Professional, ethical and highly discreet, we aren’t here to judge your circumstances or scrutinise every past mistake. Our aim is to help you be clear about what the future holds for you and/or your business, so you can choose to start afresh or opt for turnaround management.

Talk to our licensed and experienced insolvency practitioners today by calling 020 7636 9094. We offer you a FREE initial consultation to discuss your situation in confidence. This will allow us to explain the options available to you and the implications of these options, so you can consider carefully what your next steps will be. Once we have agreed on a plan of action, we will support you throughout the process so you can get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Put a stop to insolvency stress

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