When you are owed money by another business who has gone into insolvency, it can be a frustrating and potentially unfruitful exercise to try and get this back.

However, the Enterprise Act 2002 removed the pre-existing preference of crown departments over other creditors, which means that the chances of recovery of your outstanding money has improved significantly.

Insolvency creditor services

Having an experienced and Licenced Insolvency Practitioner on your side can help you navigate through the complex rules and procedures involved with this process and ensure that you are represented effectively during negotiations.

You can depend on Berley as you would rely on your own credit control department and we will ensure that you get the best outcome possible.

What can Berley do for me?

There are a number of processes and procedures that need to be completed to protect your claim, including lodging proof of debt and our aim once you have instructed us is to recover all of your debt in the best case scenario, or at least some of it.

Once you have instructed us to act on your behalf, we will attend all meetings of creditors on your behalf and attend court for you so you can be sure that we are actively working on the recovery of your debt. There is no additional cost to you and all of these responsibilities become ours after your instruction.

We will update you regularly with a report outlining the prospects of recovering money in certain areas and the process we will undertake.

This means that you are completely up to date with where we are and the progress of your claim. In addition, we know how crucial it is to move quickly with proceedings so we will push forward the process as fast as possible.

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