Protecting your latest tech creation
Contributed by: Berley

As a tech start-up company, creating tech is important for the progression of your business.

Sometimes, it is also crucial to protect your tech ideas for the benefit of your business. Ultimately, when you create something unique you don’t want other people to steal your ideas and to call them their own. Making money from your latest tech creation is what being in the business is all about, so the key to your success is to guard your Intellectual Property, which will help your tech start-up to move financial ahead of the game.

Your Intellectual Property

There are a number of ways in which you can protect your Intellectual Property, including trademarks, copyright, design rights and patents. These legal avenues can guarantee that your tech creations remain yours and are solely used in your business. This means that you will be able to make all the profits from your creation, thereby assuring the success of your start-up. One of the key questions any start-up looks to answer is how it can protect its latest idea or creation from being copied in this most competitive of environments. The good news is that companies can and should protect their work, especially against the tech giants, renowned for picking up on and adopting unprotected features. Although electronic, any piece of software is treated in the same way as any other physical invention and can be patented. For Intellectual Property laws to apply, however, the creation needs to be unique. It’s therefore not to be expected that an app feature, widely used by other providers, can be patented in and of itself, but the app in its entirety most likely can. The same is true of new hardware. The unique design and functionality can be protected, whilst its individual elements, such as a touchscreen, will be too generic and widely used in other products to be patented in isolation.

How can Berley help?

Berley works with legal professionals to help you identify which of your products would qualify for registration. We can then support you with the process of securing the patent. Given that this is arguably the most complex area of Intellectual Property legislation, with a registration process of up to 3 years, taking good legal advice is invaluable. Working with Berley can ultimately help you to further develop your tech ideas, ensuring that you are aware of your legal rights when it comes to Intellectual Property.

For more information on how Berley can help protect your tech creation, get in touch with one of our expert advisors today on 020 7788 8261.