There are a number of ways to reduce the potential tax liability on your estate, but they all involve careful planning – often over a long period.

Many people think that they do not have enough valuable assets to worry too much about financial planning for their family once they die. However, with the value of property increasing year on year, people are finding that their property alone will push their estate over into the inheritance tax bracket.

With clear and long term planning, there are ways in which you can mitigate the tax burden placed on your family once you die, but this is something which needs to be planned for in advance and Berley Chartered Accountants can help you with this.

There are a number of different ways for us to help you to structure your estate in such a way to mitigate your tax liabilities such as:

  • Monetary gifts, which will not be included in the value of your estate, providing you live for seven years after the gift
  • Implementing trusts – there are many options open to you regarding setting up trusts and these options should be fully explored before making a final decision
  • Structure your business and its assets so that they are not subject to inheritance tax
  • Donating a percentage of your estate to a charity to qualify for a reduced rate of inheritance tax
  • Investigating life assurance cover to mitigate any potential inheritance tax liabilities

All of these options can assist you with planning your estate, but in addition, you will need to ensure that your Will is as tax efficient as possible and we can assist you in the review of any existing Will you have in place and arrange the draft a new Will if necessary. In addition, Berley Chartered Accountants can act as an executor if required.

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